Migrating from mender-converted Debian to Yocto

Hello everyone,
I just wanted to check-in and provide a little update on this thread. I remotely deployed several releases built genuinely with yocto to devices (raspberry pi zero) which were provisioned with mender-converted images. I had to apply a few hacks, such as manually providing /etc/fw_env.config on each release which u-boot-fw-util usually soft-links into persistent storage.
The devices are mostly running stable (except for some where I prematurely deployed updates with a memory leak :man_facepalming:). I’m clearly NOT recommending here to anyone to follow that which is also discouraged by the mender team. I just wanted to share my experience in case others are in a similar position where deployed devices are too far away to be re-provisioned and where loss of devices is actually not super critical. So be aware! I actually learned quite a bit about things that can go wrong with this approach so, for me it was worth taking that road just for the learning experience :wink: Plus having more device still an the network for testing on “semi-proper” yocto images.