Mender Setup not recognizing credentials

i was trying to setup the mender client on my raspberrypi 4 with your different ways. Now i tried it with the apt repo as mentioned in the “downloads” chapter in the Mender documentation. Everything works fine until i need to install the mender client.
There i am asked at first if i want to connect to a and as i want this i say “yes” afterwards he asks for my credentials but when i type them in they won’t be recognized. I think it may be causing the problem that i am registered on a and this is just tryna to connect to a non-eu hosted.mender.
Could this be possible? Or am i missing something else?
And how to solve this Problem?

Kind Regardds

Hi @fbaer,

Yes, this is almost certainly the reason. The US and EU instances are completely separate. Just re-run mender setup and enter as your server URL.