Client Not See On Open Source Deployment

Hi All,

I have setup my mender open source server. I have installed the mender client on the RPi device. The install is successful on the client, however, it does not appear on the dashboard. What am i missing?


Hi @kirklogitech,

How did you register the client to your server? This can be done in a Yocto setup by defining the MENDER_SERVER_URL and MENDER_TENANT_TOKEN variables during build, as documented here.

For everything else, or if the build is not customized, you need to run mender setup.


Hi @TheYoctoJester i am not using a Yocto image. I am on raspbian OS and installed the client manually. Yes i did run the command mender setup which was successful.

The same process on the hosted mender works.

Could it be the SSL as the mender dashboard complaints about invalid certificate?

Hi @kirklogitech

Then the device will show up as pending. Please make sure that the filters are set accordingly and you are not accidentially only looking at the accepted devices.


I tried that as well. No luck. How do I ensure on the client that it has connected to the server? Are there any running logs or status i can check?

Sure, journalctl -u mender-client should give you lots of information.

@TheYoctoJester This is the error i get

 level=warning msg="Reauthorization failed with error: transient error: authorization request failed"

 Unknown url.Error type: Host validation error"

Guessing now: the certificate of your self-hosted server was not added to the client and it is not backed by a CA, so certificate validation fails.

Oh is there a document i can go through?
What are the steps?

Is this the one to be used with the clien?