Authorization Error while client - server connection


I have accomplished the self hosted mender server installation.Now, I am trying to connect my beaglebone black which has Debian buster to my server. I have followed these two documentation (Convert a Mender Debian image | Mender documentation and GitHub - mendersoftware/mender-convert: An easy way to integrate the Mender client into an existing image) at the same time, and finished the client installation. Then, when I look at the mender-client.service, the output is the following

The client is running, I can see it with

But, it seems that there is an issue about certificate, authorization etc.I also checked this topic Authorization Failed while connecting mender-client to the self signed mender server and applied the steps there.But, it does not give me any solution.

Could you please help me ?
Thanks in advance.

Hi, to get more detailed information on your issue, I would recommend using ‘openssl s_client’ to connect to your server and verify your certificate chain is valid and correctly configured.


Thank you first, but
How to be sure that the certificate chain is valid ? I used
openssl s_client -connect hostname:port -showcerts, and this gives me 3 certificates, but I am not sure about these.

Try the setup routine and restart the client. It seems that polling intervals are not defined as well.

mender setup \
--device-type $DEVICE_TYPE \
--server-url $SERVER_URL \
--server-cert /etc/mender/server.crt \
--config /mnt/mender/mender.conf \
--data /mnt/mender \

# Set the public key in mender.conf to verify signed artifacts
# { 
#    "ArtifactVerifyKey": "/etc/mender/artifact-verify-key.pem" 
# }

For some reason I had to set the --server-cert explicitly due to certificate errors and double check your URL --server-url that it has https://<domain>.com