Mender in non-embedded linux environment

Hi All,

Going through the mender documentation, I am thinking of using it for updating our boxes that are client location. They are either VM/bare metal running Debian. Our image sizes are not huge (~2G). Looks like Mender already works with Grub. So I don’t see any issues, but just wondering if anyone has tried it any similar environment or any inputs from the community itself.


Hi @purunaya, welcome to Mender Hub.

We have run a few types of desktop systems with our mender-convert utility. Take a look here for one example: QEMU, the FAST! processor emulator (Ubuntu)

We also have an open pull request to add Ubuntu 18 support officially on PC style platforms here:


I’ve got it working nicely for a setup with Debian. Just used genericx86-64 for device type. Will check these links out as well. Thanks!