Mender client with Ubuntu x64 architecture r

Hi All,

I am new to the world of mender. I am planning to use hosted mender as a server.
In the client side I would like to configure a Intel based gateway which is running with Ubuntu 18.04 operating system and its 64 bit architecture.
So I request anyone to help me to configure this gateway as mender client and do some update using hosted mender server.
First I would like to get some idea about the feasibility of mender on the Intel x64 bit gateway with Ubuntu.

Any kind of support is appreciated.
Thank you


Hello @DipinPK and welcome to the Mender community.

For Ubuntu support and other binary style distributions we provide a tool called mender-convert,

Please note that we currently have a newer (unreleased) version of this tool which does have some initial support for x86_64 and has been tested one of the Ubuntu images. More about this here,

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Hi @mirzak

Thank you for help.
As I am very new to mender, I am facing some difficulties to configure mender client to my Ubuntu 18.04 (x64) using mender convert. Is there any document clearly explains the steps for doing the same?..
Mender documentation I have referred already, but I would like to get more detailed information for a x64 architecture system.

Sorry if I am asking you a silly question that you answered already :innocent:


We do not have any specific resources that explain the x86_64 (I think that is what you meant) architecture in general and would refer you to the wast resources available on the internet :slight_smile:

I have a gateway with Intel atom processor. I installed Ubuntu 18.04 Desktop version in that. In this device I want to configure mender client and do the update.
I have a confidence that, it is possible to configure mender client on this device. Expecting your comments on this.


It’s possible to install client on Ubuntu 18.x Even I tried and successfully updated mender artifacts.

@test.test12p, U tried on h/w Ubuntu 18.04 desktop version OS and X86 64 bit architecture OR qemo simulation?

Because I have successfully updated mender artifacts on Ubuntu 18.04 X86_64 using QEMO simulation. but I am facing some difficulties to configure mender to my Ubuntu 18.04 (X86_64) hardware using mender convert.