Mender-elasticsearch no matching manifest for linux/arm64/v8

I’ve just started to try and build a production server on an arm64 v8 machine. After cloning and running ./run pull I find that all of the images are pulled from the hub without error except for mender-elasticsearch, which gives the following error -

ERROR: no matching manifest for linux/arm64/v8 in the manifest list entries```
Do I need to build ```elasticsearch``` locally or is there an issue with building on arm64?

Which version of are you using?

I did a git clone from

To be precise, as per the ’ Production installation’ instructions -> git clone -b 2.0.0 mender-server

Oh I missed your initial comment that you are running a arm64 machine.

This is not something that we test, and unclear if it will work.

It will not work, because we don’t build the servers for ARM. Actually those images should not be pullable at all, but I guess the architecture information is not specific enough.

If you want to use the servers on ARM64 you have to compile them yourself from scratch, which might work, but this is not something we support.

Ok, thanks - switched to an Intel machine, although I might try giving the arm machine another go a little later. Thanks for your feedback.