Mender-connect - Remote Terminal - Increase terminal height and width

The Remote terminal is quite small (width 70, height 25).

I tried modifying /etc/mender-connect.conf and restarting mender-connect.service

cat /etc/mender/mender-connect.conf 
  "ShellCommand": "/bin/bash",
  "Terminal": {
    "Disable": false,
    "Height": 43,
    "Width": 132
  "User": "user"

But the above does not seem to affect the terminal size when accessed via - Troubleshooting - Remote terminal.

How do I go about increasing the height (rows) and width (cols) of the remote terminal? The remote system is Debian-based.

I have noticed this as well. The Troubleshoot window used to be very useful, but it is now really hard to effectively use the remote terminal because of its tiny dimensions.

Hi @bssi and @alpinemedia,

Thanks for the report. We have just rolled out a new release which should fix this. Please let us know if you still experience the problem now.


It’s definitely better to have the console wider, as it is now, but I seem to remember the window showing more lines. Is there some way to change or configure this, as it takes up a very small amount of the available space on a desktop monitor.

Was the change here to allow upload/download without leaving the terminal session? It seems like there must be some way to accommodate that (with a flyover, perhaps) without giving up so much screen real estate to what I’m not currently doing.

Here’s what the Troubleshoot interface looks like to me:

If my user goal is to have an open terminal session on a remote device, only a very small part of this screen (already limited by the fact that a screen I’ve navigated away from takes up 33% of the viewport width) is used for my goal.

@TheYoctoJester The new release has definitely improved it. I agree with the comments from @alpinemedia .