Mender 2.6 release: Secure remote access and customizability | Mender

We are happy to announce Mender 2.6 release.

Mender 2.6 comes with major architectural improvements to enable support for new use cases in Mender. The first feature to leverage the new architecture is also here: the secure Remote terminal, and more will come in future releases!

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This looks great! Is there any plan to create a VPN such that we could access a webserver on our device, effectively enabling us to interact as if we were using the local HMI?

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I just tried out the new remote terminal. It took me less than 15 minutes to get it working on my Compulab IoT gateway. Well done!!!

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@farshadt Would it be possible to use the mender-cli tool with the remote terminal feature, to pass a command from my home shell, to the device using something similar like this:
ssh remote-host ‘bash -s’ <
but also get an output back to my home shell?

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Hi @joseph

At the moment you can’t. You can pipe a script to mender-cli (just make sure that the script call exit), but it will return the entire output of the terminal device running the shell. Meaning that the output will also contain command-line prompts.

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Yea I found a similar work around which would monitor the logs from the terminal. Thank you for your reply!