Remote Terminal option not available on

We have integrated mender-client (v 2.6) into our buildroot image and are using hosted mender.

I now wanted to test the remote terminal add-on.

To do so I launch mender-connect (1.2) alongside mender-client (2.6).
But unfortunately I cannot see the option on the mender server UI to launch a terminal session.


  "ServerURL": "",
  "User": "root"

mender-connect log:

INFO[2021-11-26T14:50:13Z] Loaded configuration file: /etc/mender/mender-connect.conf 
WARN[2021-11-26T14:50:13Z] ShellCommand is empty, defaulting to /bin/sh 
WARN[2021-11-26T14:50:13Z] ShellArguments is empty, defaulting to [--login] 
TRAC[2021-11-26T14:50:13Z] daemon Run starting                          
TRAC[2021-11-26T14:50:13Z] mender-connect connecting to dbus            
TRAC[2021-11-26T14:50:13Z] GetJWTToken().len=1074                       
TRAC[2021-11-26T14:50:13Z] mender-connect got len(JWT)=1074             
WARN[2021-11-26T14:50:13Z] The server certificate cannot be loaded: no file provided 
TRAC[2021-11-26T14:50:14Z] connectionmanager connect returning          
TRAC[2021-11-26T14:50:14Z] mender-connect entering main loop.           
TRAC[2021-11-26T14:50:14Z] messageLoop: starting                        
TRAC[2021-11-26T14:50:14Z] messageLoop: calling readMessage             
DEBU[2021-11-26T14:51:08Z] PingHandler called                           
DEBU[2021-11-26T14:51:08Z] ping message

Hey @raphaelzaugg,

I just checked that you did not have the troubleshoot add-on enabled, but now it is enabled. So just following up to see if everything works as expected now.

Have a great day!

Hey @lramirez,

Indeed this was the issue.
Now with the add-on enabled on the server the remote terminal works as expected.