Mender-configure: Files installed but not shipped

Hello everybody,

I am currently struggling with a Yocto build error using the meta-mender layer. The error occurs while switching from my NAND flash build (which totally works fine) to an SD-Card build using my evaluation board by just adding the “-sd” tag for my machine. The error in detail:

Besides the error message, the provided log file does not provide any further information besides some debug output.

As far as I can see, this is a Yocto error message, indicating that some packages are not used in any produced output. Looking for the left-over packages, systems should be crucial to the system architecture.

Any thoughts about this?

Hmm, that package is not supposed to be installed with dunfell at all. This is a bug. Thanks, I’m in the process of updating dunfell and will take a look at this.

In the meantime, does it help if you revert to the dunfell-v2021.01 tag?

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Hi @kacf
Thanks for the quick reply. Switching to the tag fixed the problem, it built with no further errors, thanks for the help.
Is there an estimated date for a dunfell-adjusted release, where I could try this again?

No, but it should only be a matter of days. This is supposed be a monthly routine update. I will have to solve that problem you encountered first though.

One more question: I realize now that meta-mender/dunfell is at the same commit as the dunfell-v2021.01 tag. Are you sure you were not using meta-mender/master?

Honestly, I am not. In the forefield, I played along with several branches across my whole Yocto project. As a result, I could have used accidentally the master branch, yes. Thanks for letting me know.

Hehe, thanks for the honesty! :slight_smile:

I will treat this as a non-issue for now then. I can’t reproduce it, and can’t really see how it could happen unless master was checked out by mistake.

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I just double-checked it: you are totally right in both points:

  1. the mentioned tag points to the current dunfell branch
  2. my branch handling for the meta-mender repo was somehow messed-up
    Everything now works as expected. Sorry for creating this confusion and thanks for the support!