Mender-shell missing from mender github

We are currently building yocto with meta-mender at tag dunfell-v2020.12. mender-shell is located at meta-mender-core/recipes-mender/mender-shell with the file If I try to go to the github link in the bb file I’m currently getting a 404. I wasn’t getting this error last week, so I’m not sure if this was made private and/or deleted on accident.

@lluiscampos should this be mender-connect instead of mender-shell?

This has already been fixed in dunfell-v2021.01, just switching should fix the problem.

mender-shell was added a bit prematurely, before we had settled on the name, and the repository was removed last week.

Thanks for the information. Not sure where the best venue would be (or if there was already a posting), but might be nice to post a notice if there is going to be breaking repo naming changes in the future. This caught our whole team off guard a bit and took a moment to diagnose the problem why our previously good builds were starting to fail.

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Yes, this was unfortunate, but it was a mistake, not a planned repo break.

FWIW, we have recently added the mender-configure-module, which is still in development, and have been careful not to repeat the mistake: It has been added to master only, not to dunfell. :slightly_smiling_face:

Also encountered this problem. Glad the resolution is simple. I’d support @drewwestrick 's suggestion to find a way to mitigate in future - e.g. flag up impending changes that might break builds.