Issues with Technexion PICO-PI-IMX7 Yocto environment

printer@mercedes:~/Dev/IMX/Picoboard/mender-nxp/build$ MACHINE=imx7d-pico bitbake core-image-base
Unable to create ‘’
[Errno 13] Permission denied: ‘’
ERROR: Unable to acquire lock ‘/home/sprinter/Dev/IMX/Picoboard/mender-nxp/build/bitbake.lock’, directory is not writable
getting this error

Seems a bit odd that you do not have permissions to create files in build directory. Did you setup environment with sudo or a different users?

I set up with sudo …my system wont run the source setup…x without sudo

I set up with sudo …my system wont run the source setup…x without sudo

Then that is the problem to solve first. It is not allowed to use sudo in any of the commands.

I do not know what would case this command:

source setup-environment nxp

To get permission errors.

sorry man
sprinter@mercedes:~/Dev/IMX/Picoboard$ source setup-environment nxp
Configuring for imx6qsabresd
mkdir: cannot create directory ‘/home/sprinter/Dev/IMX/Picoboard/nxp/conf’: Permission denied
Error: Cannot write to /home/sprinter/Dev/IMX/Picoboard/nxp, perhaps try sourcing with a writable path? i.e. . oe-init-build-env ~/my-build

it has something to do with user accounts …i cant run source without sudo ,maybe i need to add user account or something

Hm, it looks to me like your are not running the setup-environment file provided by meta-mender-community

What do the following commands show?

$ id
$ ls -l /home/sprinter/Dev /home/sprinter/Dev/IMX \
      /home/sprinter/Dev/IMX/Picoboard \

I had problems with my user permissions
sudo chown $USER:$USER ~ -R

did the quick fix …now its compiling smoothly thank you everyone

I had problems with my user permissions
sudo chown $USER:$USER ~ -R

did the quick fix …now its compiling smoothly thank you everyone

sprinter@mercedes:~/Dev/IMX/Picoboard/mender-nxp/build$ sudo …/…/imx_usb_loader/imx_usb …/build/tmp/deploy/images/imx7d-pico/u-boot.img
config file <…/…/imx_usb_loader//imx_usb.conf>
vid=0x066f pid=0x3780 file_name=mx23_usb_work.conf
vid=0x15a2 pid=0x004f file_name=mx28_usb_work.conf
vid=0x15a2 pid=0x0052 file_name=mx50_usb_work.conf
vid=0x15a2 pid=0x0054 file_name=mx6_usb_work.conf
vid=0x15a2 pid=0x0061 file_name=mx6_usb_work.conf
vid=0x15a2 pid=0x0063 file_name=mx6_usb_work.conf
vid=0x15a2 pid=0x0071 file_name=mx6_usb_work.conf
vid=0x15a2 pid=0x007d file_name=mx6_usb_work.conf
vid=0x15a2 pid=0x0080 file_name=mx6ull_usb_work.conf
vid=0x1fc9 pid=0x0128 file_name=mx6_usb_work.conf
vid=0x15a2 pid=0x0076 file_name=mx7_usb_work.conf
vid=0x1fc9 pid=0x0126 file_name=mx7ulp_usb_work.conf
vid=0x15a2 pid=0x0041 file_name=mx51_usb_work.conf
vid=0x15a2 pid=0x004e file_name=mx53_usb_work.conf
vid=0x15a2 pid=0x006a file_name=vybrid_usb_work.conf
vid=0x066f pid=0x37ff file_name=linux_gadget.conf
vid=0x1b67 pid=0x4fff file_name=mx6_usb_sdp_spl.conf
vid=0x0525 pid=0xb4a4 file_name=mx6_usb_sdp_spl.conf
vid=0x1fc9 pid=0x012b file_name=mx8mq_usb_work.conf
no matching USB device found

help me why its not recognizing data

Can you disconnect and reconnect the USB OTG cable while viewing the system logs on your build host? I’m not sure which specific file for your host but on Ubuntu 18 it’s /var/log/syslog by default. It seems like your board is not being enumerated on the USB bus on your host.

I am able to list the device via lsusb and dmesg
sprinter@mercedes:~/Dev/IMX/Picoboard/mender-nxp/build$ lsusb
Bus 002 Device 001: ID 1d6b:0003 Linux Foundation 3.0 root hub
Bus 001 Device 004: ID 04ca:7053 Lite-On Technology Corp.
Bus 001 Device 003: ID 138a:003f Validity Sensors, Inc. VFS495 Fingerprint Reader
Bus 001 Device 002: ID 8087:0a2b Intel Corp.
Bus 001 Device 109: ID 18d1:4ee7 Google Inc.
Bus 001 Device 001: ID 1d6b:0002 Linux Foundation 2.0 root hub

I had earlier flashed android things on it using googles tool and I can view see it when i view the logs
more /var/log/syslog or dmesg ,lsusb

Is the format of your imx_usb.conf correct, as it doesnt match the format i’m using?

#vid:pid, config_file

0x15a2:0x0054, iw-spl-usb.conf

0x0525:0xb4a4, iw-uboot-usb.conf