Issue bulding mender dunfell branch - backport request

Hi Folks

The project i am working on is using meta-mender as a submodule but we’re stuck on the dunfell branch. The latest code in the branch causes a build failure but this is fixed by the two commits in this PR:

My question is - would it be possible to get these two commits back-ported to the dunfell branch? i tried to create a PR by cherry-picking them myself but there was a few merge conflict that i wasn’t sure how to resolve. @drewmoseley suggested that i should post the request here and tag @kacf and @lluiscampos

Thanks for your help

I have attempted to backport “Fix parsing order so inherit works with MENDER_FEATURES.” to dunfell here. I don’t think the second commit will be cherry-picked, since it is a very intrusive change, and is a cleanup more than a fix.

Chances are that your issue is fixed by the first commit though, since this is what fixed the parsing issues.

Hi @kacf -

Thanks for responding to my question!

I just tested your dunfell branch and it appears to build correctly - do you have any idea when your branch will be merged into meta-mender/dunfell?


Yes, now! :slight_smile:

The dunfell-v2020.12 version has been tagged as well.

@kacf - fantastic, just grabbed the latest code using this tag and everything seems to be working! thanks again for your help with this!!