Is there a way to update specific mender client config values

Trying to use mender-configure to update specific mender client configuration (e.g., inventory poll interval). Wanted my apply-device-config to run mender setup with the specific parameters given in the JSON. But, problem is, I need to supply mender setup with all the configuration parameters, even give the tenant token again (which is something I definitely don’t want to manage using mender-configure UI). So, am I missing something? Is there a way to run mender setup with just the specific parameters I’d like to change?

Hello @uishon ,

I would suggest you update the Mender configuration file directly instead of using mender setup for more fine-grained control. You can see the options here: Configuration options | Mender documentation

Hope this helps!

Thanks. That’s indeed what I ended up doing.
I kind of felt it’d be cleaner to use the mender CLI for that. Specifically, in my case mender.conf is not always located under /etc/mender (it’s a read-only FS on some of our devices) so finding it instead of just using the CLI is a bit hectic but - you suggestion works :slight_smile: