Possible to change ServerURL in mender client during update?


I am wondering if it is possible to change the mender server url during an ota update on the client side?

I am thinking of that the client receives an update from mender1.example.com and then after reporting the status back to the server on mender1.example.com a post script will run and change the the server url from mender1.example.com to mender2.example.com on the client?



A configuration file can have multiple servers. Hence, an update might not even be needed.

If mender1.example.com does not reply, the client will automaticlly try mender2.example.com. If mender2 replies, the client is happy.

This could also be handled by having mender1 return an error to the client, which will then try mender2.

I think this is better, than messing with the configuration file directly.

Does this make sense?

Great! That’s exactly the kind of solution what I was looking for.


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