Add/change URL prefix of server gui

Hi, I would like to change the URL prefix of mender’s server from /ui/ to something like /mender/ui/ so that I can host it behind an nginx reverse proxy.

I can modify the traefik routing in my prod.yml file so that requests make it from the browser to mender-gui, but then it appears all of the links in the gui are hard-coded to /ui/.

It seems this is done in react, and not in a configurable way, here:

Is that correct that there is no ability to add or change the URL prefix for the GUI?

@mzedel can you comment?

Yes, that is correct - the basename is kept mostly to keep bookmarks users might have working, without problems, but it should not be a problem to make this configurable. To pass environment variables to the GUI container the is used and accessed through the loaded env.js script/ the mender_environment variable (e.g. in the appReducer.js).
So the easiest test might be to add the variable passing to the and change main.js to

<Router basename={`${mender_environment.basename ? `/${mender_environment.basename}` : '/ui'}/#`}>