Running mender server on a path

Hi all, I’m trying to setup mender server (GUI) to run on an existing host on a subpath. I’m using K8S on Azure and I’m using the helm chart mender-helm/mender at master · mendersoftware/mender-helm · GitHub

I’ve set global.url in values to the full URL with subpath i.e. and the serving of the html page works but all of the assets in the html are without the path i.e.

Are there any settings I can use to control this?

Unfortunately the global.url does not allow configuring custom sub-paths and can only point to the host URL. It should be pretty straight forward to modify the chart to make the gateway (Traefik) aware of it. I created a tentative PR to the Helm repository.

Alternatively, it’s probably easier to configure the ingress to rewrite the target URL. For example, if you’re using nginx ingress controller you can do:

kind: Ingress
  name: mender-ingress
  annotations: /$0
  - host: ""
      - path: /mender($|/)(.*)
        pathType: Prefix
            name: mender-api-gateway
              number: 80

Hi @alfrunes, I went with a dedicated hostname and cert. Originally I wanted all publicly accessible stuff to be behind 1 hostname but I think it may be more trouble than it’s worth. I may reattempt and will report back.