Mender Dashboard is blank on upgrading

I am using Mender Production Server. The server configurations were as follows
mongo version: 3.6
mender version: 2.4
I used following link to upgrade the server

and after upgrading the server the updated version is as follows
mongo: 4.4
mender version: 2.5
I received no errors during the upgrading, but after starting the server there is no dashboard it’s a blank white page. I am not able to understand the cause of this issue.
I am attaching few snapshots which might help you to understand the cause.
As you can refer to the left side of the ui_output image, the complete screen is just blank no dashboard at all.
Please let me know if I am missing something here.

Hi @vishruti

It looks like you have a syntax error in the gui container’s env.js file (the second error is a consequence of the first one). Have you overwritten the Docker entrypoint for the gui container in your production setup?

Hi @alfrunes, I don’t recall overwriting an entrypoint for gui container. I followed the exact same steps as per the documentation.
Can you please let me know the steps I need to follow to resolve this issue.

I’m not able to reproduce this error locally. Can you inspect the syntax error in the env.js file? You can click the hyperlink from the debug console or run docker exec menderproduction_mender-gui_1 cat env.js.
If I replicated your environment correctly, it should look something along the lines of:

  mender_environment = {
    hostAddress: "<YOUR_GATEWAY_IP_ADDRESS>",
    hostedAnnouncement: "",
    isDemoMode: "",
    features: {
      hasMultitenancy: "",
      isEnterprise: "",
      isHosted: ""
    trackerCode: "",
    recaptchaSiteKey: "",
    stripeAPIKey: "",
    integrationVersion: "2.5.0",
    menderVersion: "2.4.x",
    menderArtifactVersion: "3.4.x",
    menderDebPackageVersion: "2.4.x",
    metaMenderVersion: "",
    services: {
      deploymentsVersion: "",
      deviceauthVersion: "",
      guiVersion: "2.5.x_9282911a3cff7e60098436f75e4cab968bd898a4",
      inventoryVersion: ""
    demoArtifactPort: "",
    disableOnboarding: ""

Hi @alfrunes, I checked the env.js file. The host address is not the public IP of my server.
I have attached a snapshot for the same.
I am not able to login to the container as it is in exited state.
please let me know how can I change this IP address as per the public Ip of my server

I have changed the ip as per my server’s public IP and on reloading the site I get following error and the dashbord is blank as well

As you can see there is a syntax error on line 14 and 17. Somehow the environment variable setting these two values (MENDER_VERSION) is assigned the string “2.3.0\n2.4.0”. It might be that a merge conflict to the integration repository has introduced an error to integration/docker-compose.client.yml could you make sure that the file matches that of upstream?
If not, check it out from upstream:

## Enter the root of your integration repository:
#cd /path/to/integration
git fetch origin --tags
git checkout refs/tags/2.5.0 docker-compose.client.yml
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Hi @alfrunes , the issue has been resolved.
Thank you.

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