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iMX8M Mini

I have a a iMX8M mini eval kit and I have the mender demo working. I then tried to take the next step and integrate mender with my iMX8M mini board. The board is almost exactly the same as the evk but it does have a different MACHINE name (imx8mmABC instead of imx8mmevk) I also have most of my local code in a local git repo. I can repo sync from my repo and I can see everything populated in the sources directory including the mender and mender community meta layers and local.conf in my buildABC directory along side my sources directory etc. I normally would just do a “. setup-environment buildABC” and then a bitbake (as per the NXP directions for reentering a previous setup build)… but this does not seem to work after mender integration as it seems to require some other additional initialization.(as seen from errors like core-image-base has no buildable providers) If I go through the . fsl-setup-mender -b imx8mmABC it rewrites my local.conf and bblayers.conf file … which I do not want. If I resync just the local.conf and bblayers.conf back to my original AFTER doing the fsl-setup-mender everything builds as needed without error. Obviously is doing some more environment initialization beyond just updating the local.conf and bblayers.conf. so my question is how can I initialize the mender build environment WITHOUT having it overwrite my already correct local.conf and bblayers.conf file?

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I see the sumo tag, is this specific to sumo?

Yes. I just submitted a newer integration for this platform but it’s not fully merged yet.

finally was able to re-enter by project after setup by reworking the setup-environment script