How to Remove (or not install) Packages in Mender Image (Yocto Sumo)


I currently use the Sumo branch of meta-mender, along with my distro inheriting “mender-full” in order to generate mender artifacts for OTA updates of my root filesytem.

There are a couple of packages containing test scripts that I only want to install in my full image and not in the mender artifact. Is there a way I could prevent these packages from being installed in the mender image, such as the IMAGE_INSTALL_remove bitbake variable?

Thanks in advance for any help!

Rob Weber

The Mender artifact is intentionally identical to the sdimg as it uses the same block image for both.

You could do your initial build with the test scripts and provision the board with the sdimg, and then do another build with the scripts removed that you use for OTA updates. Basicallly the initial provisioning would have them and you could run your tests but then on the first OTA update they would effectively be removed.