Freeze on accept

I’m using mender 2.0.1 and i’m getting a hanging issue. When I use the admin interface for manually accepting a device ‘Authorization request for this device’ as soon as i press accept it becomes unresponsive.

If I ssh to the device added and restart the mender client the interface frees up.

Pressing accept shows this error:

There was a problem updating the device authorization status: cannot PUT /api/management/v2/devauth/devices/5d3ae5b41b118c000146e4da/auth/5d3ae5b41b118c000146e4db/status (500)… [Request ID: 7517f51e]

Looking in the chrome network tab i can see these requests
error: “Device not found”
request_id: “932e4712-c73b-40b0-80b9-d4c4ca659009”

which causes the

/ui/#/devices to display ‘No Devices found’

It continues to retry at the bottom of the screen.

VM28:1 GET /api/management/v1/inventory/devices/5d3ae5b41b118c000146e4da 404 (Not Found)
TypeError: Cannot read property ‘attributes’ of undefined
at main.js:formatted:83170
at main.js:formatted:6367
at invokeCallback (main.js:formatted:6372)
at publish (main.js:formatted:6354)
at MutationObserver.flush (main.js:formatted:6218)

Hello @bentech, welcome to Mender Hub.

I don’t have any specific guidance here but @michaelatmender may have some.

Also tagging @mzedel

From what it looks like I would think this is directly related to a temporary fix in this PR - that should land in master in the coming days.