Device not visible in "Pending"

I tested with the latest raspbian (2019-09-26). It builds and is being configured as expected. I also checked the mender configuration which seems alright including token and endpoint. Unfortunately, the device does not show up in my mender account. The device client continuously says:

Jan 14 18:56:00 raspberrypi mender[295]: time="2020-01-14T18:56:00Z" level=info msg="State transition: authorize [Sync] -> authorize-wait [Idle]" module=mender
Jan 14 18:56:30 raspberrypi mender[295]: time="2020-01-14T18:56:30Z" level=info msg="State transition: authorize-wait [Idle] -> authorize [Sync]" module=mender
Jan 14 18:56:30 raspberrypi mender[295]: time="2020-01-14T18:56:30Z" level=error msg="authorize failed: transient error: authorization request failed: (request_id: ): authentication request rejected server error message: dev auth: unauthorized" module=state

Any idea, how to fix this?

Hello @HerrMuellerluedensch, welcome to Mender hub.

That error message is the normal first response when a device tries to connect. The normal behavior is that the device will show up in the pending tab and require an operator to admit the device to the fleet. Do you have any devices listed in the pending tab?


Hi @drewmoseley
Thanks for the quick reply. I was guessing so from the error message. Unfortunately, the device did not turn up in the pending tab after waiting for more than an hour or so.

Can you try running something like this:


# Fill these in with your account information

JWT=$(curl -X POST -u $MENDER_SERVER_USER:$MENDER_SERVER_USER_PASSWORD $MENDER_SERVER_URI/api/management/v1/useradm/auth/login)

curl \
    -H "Authorization: Bearer $JWT" \
    -H "Content-Type: application/json" \
    -X GET \
    ${MENDER_SERVER_URI}/api/management/v2/devauth/devices?status=pending | jq -r

Dear @mirzak

I went a little more into the details regarding identity and turned out that my testing device was assigned the same Device ID on each flash (inferred from the MAC address?) and I just had to decommission / override the acceptance of this device! :man_facepalming: Sorry for the confusion and thanks for your very fast replies!

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No worries and thanks for reporting back.