New Device cannot authenticate

Hi, I have attached a new device (using Yocto on a Toradex verdin-imx8mm), but it does not appear as a pending device in the UI. My device has mac address 00:14:2d:67:d2:39

Strange thing: When I query the devices via the API
curl -H "Authorization: Bearer $JWT" $MENDER_SERVER_URI/api/management/v2/devauth/devices | jq '.'

I see that the device is in pending state:
“id”: “5e77712f-4e90-447a-8559-40aeba7bb91c”,
“identity_data”: {
“mac”: “00:14:2d:67:d2:39”
“status”: “pending”,
“decommissioning”: false,
“created_ts”: “2021-03-23T13:26:59.553Z”,
“updated_ts”: “2021-03-23T13:26:59.576Z”,
“auth_sets”: [
“id”: “1b5dd541-2726-4a0a-bd40-5e7c1d3b8a3c”,
“identity_data”: {
“mac”: “00:14:2d:67:d2:39”
“pubkey”: “-----BEGIN PUBLIC KEY-----\nMI…AAE=\n-----END PUBLIC KEY-----\n”,
“ts”: “2021-03-23T13:26:59.562Z”,
“status”: “pending”

Why is the device not shown in the UI? How can I accept this device?

Hello @KlausPopp, can you please provide us the name of the organization in Hosted Mender or the email address you used to sign up so we can look at the database?


My organization Name is Ci4Rail

Be, Klaus

@KlausPopp we refreshed the inventory of your tenant, as agreed.