[Feature request] list outages of single device

Hi all,
i use an inventory item to display when a device stopt responding, more specifically when the power has been removed. and its basically something like this

root@localhost:/var/lib/ansible# last | grep -E ‘down|crash’ | head
user pts/0 Sat Jul 25 21:41 - crash (-18468+20:41)
user pts/1 Wed Jul 8 19:38 - crash (-18451+18:38)
user pts/0 Wed Jul 8 18:28 - crash (-18451+17:28)
user pts/0 Wed Jul 8 13:31 - down (00:55)
user pts/0 Wed Jul 8 08:03 - down (00:04)
user pts/0 Wed Jun 10 10:10 - crash (-18423+09:10)

it would be nice to have for example a specific popup on device level, to see from when / until when that a specific device stopped giving checkin-ins ↓

this was something asked to me from our seniors as well of our first-line-support if i could elaborate on this concept a bit more, since this is very useful information, and allot better that what i can come up with right now for sure.

advice or comments on this is are always welcome,
greets Gene