Mender Server Support


We are going to use open source mender server and we have certain queries.

  • Does the dashboard show notification when a device is connected or whether a device is online or offline?

  • Also will it display the current version of the firmware running in the device along with the device details such as ota update is completed for a specific device or OTA is pending, The device mac address details ,kernel version running ,… …,etc.

  • Please let us know, will the device connected to the mender server whether it be able to give alert in mail.

Thank you,

The devices are not continuously connected, they poll the server at certain configurable intervals. So, with this in mind, the answer is that the server shows the time of the last connection with a client.

The client reports inventory, this is done through running a collection of scripts on the client, which then reports key-value pairs, which are then sent to the server. These are fully configurable, and can be written by you, to provide the information you need to have collected on the server side

I’m not quite sure I understand this one. Is the server supposed to alert by mail after it has finished a deployment? Is it the client supposed to send the mail, after having finished an update?

Could you elaborate a little please? :slight_smile:

the server need to alert by mail after a OTA is finished.

This is not supported at the moment, I am afraid :confused:

Is it possible to implement this in the mender server.

Please let us know, What would be the change required to do so.

Of course it is possible :slight_smile:

It is not on our roadmap at the moment though.

If you want to do this yourself, I would probably look at the deployments service code: