Unable to fetch the device status from mender

Hi Team,

When I am trying to fetch the device online & offline status from mender to test my scenario. It is unable to retrieve as it has only accepted state which it is utilizing as online. But just in case I have observed that my device is connected to internet and I am able to take ssh also but it is in offline state on mender.
Also, in case if mender API’s which I am consuming is calling mender server and the server is down in that case how to deal with the situation.
Kindly, look into it on high priority.
Akshat Vyas

Hi @AkshatVyas,

The Mender backend does not provide an “offline/online” status indicator. There is the update_ts property in the device inventory, which you can use to decide for yourself.

Handling a possibly offline server is up to the API consumer. For Hosted Mender, there are SLAs depending on the plan. If you are self-hosting, then it is obviously up to you.