Extracting data from devices in the field


We are planning on using the mender solution to manage and deploy updates to our upcoming embedded device. Our embedded device currently collects various data and logs it on in a SQLite data base.

We have a requirement in which the end user should be able to filter and download data from the SQLite data base. We have a utility which will take a date range and extract data from the sqlite database and convert it to various csv files and zip those csv’s together.

Our issue:

We would like to simplify the process of extracting the data from the device .

We currently have 2 possible solutions:

  1. Embed a ncurses based c application into our product which allows the user to filter and select the data they want. The application generates the zipped file which the user can download. All this is done via the Remote Terminal and File Transfer add-on provided with mender-connect.
  • The con to this approach is we have to give our end users terminal access to the system.

  1. Write a Desktop application which is essentially wrapper over mender-cli. User uses the application to get the data need onto their system.
  • The con to this approach is we have to develop/maintain and ship an additional application with our product. In addition we will have to have some kind of user management so the customers only see their devices.

Does mender have any type of add-on or built in solution for our problem ? Can we write our own html page to accomplish the above and host it on the mender server?