Mender IO download gateway solution for other embedded device

Hi All

We have an interesting project where we are looking for solution to perform in field FW upgrade for a number of very limited embedded devices. It is not possible to implement solution for these devices due to the various number of constraints.

Here is our idea:

  1. the solution will deploy wireless (LTE/WiFi) GW
  2. Wireless GW will have Mender.IO client and integration with Mender.IO server for its own OTA updates.
  3. However we would like to use Mender.IO infrastructure to support downloading images for a number of other embedded devices connected to our GW . These images would be stored in the persistent partition of our GW device.
  4. Custom developed applications which we have developed would update these embedded devices upon successful OTA download of their respective images.

Would it be possible to customise configuration of the Mender.IO client and Mender.IO server to support this kind of solution.
We would appreciate feedback and opinion of the community on this topic. Thank you in advance.

Hi @Bojan and welcome to Mender Hub!

Yes, this is one of the intended use cases for Update Modules. An Update Module is basically a small executable (script/binary) that handles the installation of a Mender Artifact Payload.

For a quick overview, take a look at How it Works, under “Extensibility of update types”. There are also existing Update Modules for other use cases you can review.

For your use case you would probably want to write a custom Update Module.

Hope this helps, and please share how it goes!