Update Modules

i’m currently wrighting on my Bachelor-thesis and Mender is part of it. Therefore i would like to know if it is possible to deploy an Update Module as Update from hosted-Mender to a Client as application update. Or do i need to send a whole Image-Update.
If it is possible to update it as application update, do i need to write my own Update-Module which does this or is there a in-built solution for this case?
I didn’t find anything in the documentation which clearly gives an answer to this question.

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Hi Florian,

if I understand correct you can use the single-file update module to put your custom update module on a device (Single File). But in case of an image update the file will be lost and needs a re-deployment.


Hi @fbaer,

actually I needed a very simliar functionality just recently. You can find the source here, but as @ruben already pointed out: it will be gone after a full rootfs update.


Thanks to both of you. My next question would be regarding the pricing.
Let’s say i got 1.000 - 1.500 Devices want Enterprise plan with Configure, Troubleshoot and Monitor Add-on what would the price be? Don’t need to be precisley a round about value would be more then enought.

Kind Regards

Thanks a lot for your interest @fbaer!

Please send a mail to contact@mender.io. Enterprise pricing is per project.