Enabling version control on DFU and Single file upload artifacts

Hi Community,

I am trying to implement version control of the mender artifacts specially for DFU generated artifact and Single file upload artifact. What I intend to do is have the name of the artifact identical but internally the update file that the artifact would carry will be changed. I tried to change the --software-version flag while creating the artifact but whenever I am uploading it to mender dashboard, it shows the below error :

For now if I have any change in the file, I have to create an artifact with a completely new name in order to upload it to dashboard. How do I keep the .mender file name same and yet use some sort of version control to upload a diffrent enclosed file?

Hi @Utsav_Shah,

The Mender architecture requires that the tuple of (artifact_name, device_type) is unique in the tenant. The filename of the Mender artifact does not matter. So if you want the artifact_name to be constant, then you need to remove the previous artifact before uploading the new one. You can automate this by using the API (Mender API docs).