Error message not clear enough in `mender-cli artifacts upload`

Hi all,

we’re using mender-cli artifacts upload from mendersoftware/mender-ci-tools:1.0.0. When uploading an artifact that has same <mender-artifact>.tar.gz/header.tar.gz/artifact-info as an existing image, it will just tell

FAILURE: artifact upload to ‘’ failed with status 409

Only when uploading the artifact through the webinterface at, one will get a helpful error message being “Artifact with same name or depends exists already”.

Please update the CLI tool to also provide this error message.


Hello @manuel_vps,

Thanks for your inputs, I already created a PR for that.

As a side comment, I encourage you to submit PRs to any Mender repository if that is easy to you.

Have a great day and thanks again for helping Mender become a better product.


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