ARTIFACT_NAME when using Update Modules

@lluiscampos, I have 2 doubts here:

  1. May I know the purpose of ARTIFACT_NAME="my-update-1.0"? AFAIK, the update module artifact will perform the update even if we run the same ARTIFACT_NAME="my-update-1.0" twice or more on the target. Moreover, this is different from the previous artifact info (previous one will check and prevent the update to run if the name is same on the target):

$ cat /etc/mender/artifact_info

  1. Standalone mode - The update module extracts and details are present for me inside the /data/mender/ even after update module tasks are completed. These extracts will go only when I do mender -commit after the update module completes.
    Is this the expected behavior?

Hi @ajithpv

  1. The Artifact name is important when using the Mender Server. You are right in that in standalone version it will always be installed (independently of being an Update Module or a classic rootfs-image), but the Server will prevent a re-install of the same Artifact. You should anyway version your Artifacts correctly.
  • Note: The /etc/mender/artifact_info file is deprecated from Mender 2.0 onward, as such info is now saved in the database.
  1. Yes, that is the expected behavior. The reason for it is that an Update Module might need to access the files during Rollback or Commit operations.

See Update Modules v3 API documentation for more details.


Thank you for the clarification. I understood why artifact name is required for update module and also the mender -commit requirement.

Could you please confirm that, the /etc/mender/artifact_info file is removed in the mender 2.0.0b (beta)? I have upgraded to Mender 2.0.0b from Mender 1.7.0 and this file is present in my target! I didn’t get whether this file is removed in beta itself or only on the final mender 2.0.0 which yet to release :thinking:

It is still present as a way to identify the very first artifact name, before any additional artifact has been installed.