Artifact name with script update module

Is it possible to prevent the artifact_name from changing when running a script from an artifact created using the script update module?

I’d like to be able to deploy a script artifact and have it run without changing the current artifact_name (and the “Current software” field under Devices in the Mender server dashboard). Thanks.

At the moment no. I know there are some discussions regarding how to handle artifact naming and history but I don’t think anything is actively in progress. @kacf can you comment?

Indeed, it’s not possible to prevent this at the moment. But this is a problem we’re very aware of, and as recently as last week we were discussing potential remedies for this problem. Since no decision has been made yet, I don’t want to promise neither a time nor what form it will take, but rest assured that it’s something we are working to improve.

Sounds good, thanks. In the meantime I am using a custom device inventory attribute to track the firmware version across various updates instead of using the artifact name.