Docker-compose: wrong minimal version in production install tutorial


Don’t know where to post this information, so creating this topic.

I notice the docker-compose minimal version indicated in Production installation | Mender documentation is wrong.

The tutorial indicate minimal version 1.6, but the docker-compose files format is currently 2.1, which is not supported by docker-compose 1.6.

I have upgraded to the latest version (1.28.4 today) to follow the tutorial.


Hi @joelguittet thanks for this. @oleorhagen can you update the docs for this?

No problem, with pleasure.

Not sure the correct minimal version is, I have not made testing, but something > 1.6 and <= 1.28.4 :slight_smile:


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Thank you @drewmoseley and @joelguittet both, I’ll look into it