Installation with Docker Compose: the tutorial has a mistake or something not clear and need to be updated


I’m doing a fresh 3.4 installation of the mender-server using docker compose method.

At step Deployments service (Installation with Docker Compose | Mender documentation), the tutorial indicates the DEPLOYMENTS_AWS_URI key need to be updated and the following command is provided to do so:

sed -i.bak “s/$STORAGE_PROXY_DOMAIN_NAME/g” config/prod.yml

Instead, the git diff indicates the DEPLOYMENTS_AWS_EXTERNAL_URI has been updated (due to the yml template and above sed command). DEPLOYMENTS_AWS_URI is still http://minio:9000.

=> Which part of this is wrong? Can you clarify what should be done and which key should be updated please and how? Is the tutorial wrong or is the yml template wrong ?


Hello! :wave:

This seems to be an outdated snippet output in the documentation. Having DEPLOYMENTS_AWS_URI set to http://minio will make the server use the internal docker network to communicate with the minio storage backend, but all public signed URLs sent to devices will use the hostname and scheme from DEPLOYMENTS_AWS_EXTERNAL_URI so your configuration seems to be correct.


Hello @alfrunes
Thanks for this confirmation.