Issues installing mender server

Hi - I’m taking the (free) mender server for a test spin, and followed the instructions here:

I hit three issues:

  1. ./run pull produced these errors

[root@jjbinstance production]# ./run pull
ERROR: Unsupported major version: 13
ERROR: Docker Engine must be on version 1.11 or larger, but found version 1.13 installed.

[root@jjbinstance production]# docker --version
Docker version 1.13.1, build 7d71120/1.13.1

The verify-docker-versions script seems plain wrong.
The shell function compare_versions expects the major version as $1 yet the minor version is passed
to it.


I hacked the script to be able to proceed.

  1. After setting up keys, the Mender documentation says config/prod.yaml should look like:

         DEPLOYMENTS_AWS_AUTH_KEY: mender-deployments
         DEPLOYMENTS_AWS_AUTH_SECRET: ahshagheeD1ooPae

In my case the config file is different. Specifically, DEPLOYMENTS_AWS_EXTERNAL_URI was set rather than DEPLOYMENTS_AWS_URI. DEPLOYMENTS_AWS_URI was unchanged. Is the documentation out of date, or is my config incorrect?

        STORAGE_BACKEND_CERT: /etc/ssl/certs/
        # access key, the same value as MINIO_ACCESS_KEY
        DEPLOYMENTS_AWS_AUTH_KEY: mender-deployments
        # secret, the same valie as MINIO_SECRET_KEY
        DEPLOYMENTS_AWS_AUTH_SECRET: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

        # deployments service uses signed URLs, hence it needs to access
        # storage-proxy using exactly the same name as devices will; if
        # devices will access storage using, then
        # set this to
        DEPLOYMENTS_AWS_URI: http://minio:9000
  1. The Mender documentation says:

    The setup uses Docker’s default json-file logging driver, which exposes two important log rotation parameters: max-file and max-size.

    This statement is technically true, but my setup (CentOS 7) installing docker and docker-compose with yum, /etc/sysconfig/docker contains the option “–log-driver=journald”. This created errors with ./run up

ERROR: for menderproduction_mender-useradm_1 Cannot create container for service mender-useradm: unknown log opt ‘max-size’ for journald log driver
Creating menderproduction_mender-workflows-worker_1 …

It’s not really a Mender issue, but you may want to alert customers to this in the install doc.