Difference between Mender demo server vs opensource Mender server


I would like to know the difference between the opensource and starter/other paid Mender server options.

I found the general difference in the following link:

However, I would like to get the server-side difference in terms of the features. I couldn’t find this information in any of the links (please share if the information is available in any documentation or links).

For example, I have taken the “Online demo” from the mender site.
This demo server have the following main features:

May I know whether all the above features are supported in the opensource on-premises server? If not, what and all features are different from the above list?

Looking forward to getting a reply as early as possible.

Hi @ajithpv,

The Open Source edition of Mender has the same features as the Mender Starter plan. The only difference is that Starter is a hosted offering (monthly subscription to get the service, no server required) and the Open Source server you install and manage yourself (under the Apache 2.0 license).

The link you referenced (https://mender.io/products/features) is supposed to show these feature differences between plans. In the matrix the Starter and Open Source are almost identical (except support and hosting model). Do you feel like there were some features missing or was the matrix unclear? We would like to improve it if it is unclear.

Another source you can use to get a quicker overview of the difference between the plans is pricing: https://mender.io/products/pricing.

With respect to the “Online demo” it is actually demoing the Mender Enterprise plan. You can see this at the top left logo. For example, Phased rollout is an Enterprise-only feature that you can try in this demo as well.

Finally, the features in your diagram is available in all editions and plans of Mender, including Open Source.

Hope this helps and please let us know how we can improve this or if you have any further questions!

Thank you very much @eystein for the confirmation.
I understood that people see the differences between the plans in various ways. Hence, it is difficult to put everything in a comparison chart.
The link that I referenced (https://mender.io/products/features) is showing the feature differences between plans.
However, I was looking specifically for the Server dashboard features as mentioned in the above diagram which I thought different between the plans. Now it is clear :+1:

I would like to know whether any notification system present in the opensource server. I’m looking for a mail alert to the registered people once the update has completed/failed.
This way, a particular set of people will get the update status even without logging into the server.

This is currently not present in the open-source nor in the commercial offerings.

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