Devices showing in pending without pending device auth set

Running a self hosted mender 2.7, over the last few days we’re seeing pending devices with no auth sets. We reset a device that was already accepted to give it a new authset, but it also does not show up so it is unable to authenticate and fully connect to our mender instance.

Is there a place to look for how to get the authsets unblocked?

Hello @dpostorivo

I’m really sorry, but 2.7 is out of maintenance already for quite some time now. So unless some other user here can step up, the recommendation is to upgrade to a current stable or LTS.


Is there at least a direction I can get here? When inside a device I’m getting the normal 401 like it’s not accepted. In debug mode, I can see the auth being sent, I just can’t see it UI side nor can I accept the device.