Dashboard shows all devices offline

I recently upgraded my mender server installation to v2.0.
This all worked (after fighting a mistake of mine) fine.

Now my dashboard shows 14 accepted devices, of which 14 “may be offline”, although a few are always online. They also get updated according to the Last Checkin date-time in the devices list.

What is going wrong here?

Hi @mterwoord, looks like this was a bug in the UI implementation and we’re fixing it just now. It should be fixed in 2.1 :slight_smile:
There was an existing thread related to the same thing: Questions about heartbeat/offline status. If there’s any news, I’ll post on that thread, but expect a fix soon!

Thanks for letting me know!

The seach box in the Releases page seems to crash when it doesn’t find anything. Is that also a known thing?

The web page just goes blank.

Ah, thanks for that! I think it will be a quick fix, I reported it in the bug tracker: https://tracker.mender.io/browse/MEN-2572