Artifact for all device types

I’d like to create an artifact which can be run on all device types . Lets say I have an “script” artifact , this artifact basically runs a shell command which is the same for all of my devices . Now I have a range of say 1000 devices all of which have a varied set of device types ( let say 10 different device types ) . Is there a way for me to create an artifact or a deployment where I can use this one “script” artifact to run on all of these 1000 devices without manually specifying the device types ? Sort of like a device type “all” or a wildcard device type .

Unfortunately there isn’t, at the moment. We have discussed adding such
functionality, but for now you will need to specify the ‘-t’ argument to
mender-artifact multiple times to get a list of supported device types.

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I’m also interested in this feature and since it’s been a year since last reply would be good to know if anything has changed, planned or still not possible to achieve this?

Another question is can a device have multiple device type definitions?

No change, it’s not on the current road map, as far as I know.

No, a device can only have one device type.