About the Yocto Project category

Yocto Project tutorials

The Yocto Project® (YP) is an open source collaboration project that helps developers create custom Linux-based systems regardless of the hardware architecture.

The project provides a flexible set of tools and a space where embedded developers worldwide can share technologies, software stacks, configurations, and best practices that can be used to create tailored Linux images for embedded and IOT devices, or anywhere a customized Linux OS is needed.

The intention of the Yocto Project category on Mender Hub is to share tutorials covering common practices that might not be covered in the Yocto Project documentation. The tutorials in this category should be a complement to the Yocto Project Mega-Manual and not aim to replace it.

The Yocto Project is a highly versatile tool set and there are many ways of doing things to accomplish the same end results, this is an opportunity to share your way of using the Yocto Project.

Please read this blog post for some additional background information, which also brings up benefits of sharing knowledge in this form.

Tutorials in this category mainly focus on the following areas:

  • high-level coverage of Yocto Project features
  • Build servers, CI/CD tools and practices
  • Optimizations tweaks that makes the Yocto experience more pleasant

The sum of the tutorials in this category should make the journey from zero to production easier.


Contributions of tutorials is open to everyone and we encourage you to share the knowledge you might have acquired working with the Yocto Project.

There is a very simple topic template, which we encourage you to follow for consistency.

You are encouraged to reach out to administrators/moderators if you would like to discuss your idea for a tutorial or if you have any questions.

Ideas for tutorials

Here is a shortlist of ideas for tutorials:

  • How to configure WiFi connectivity
  • How to enable bluetooth?
  • How to configure network (networkd, connman, NetworkManager)
  • How to set static ip address?
  • How to enable your cellular modem using NetworkManager
  • How to setup splash screen? user-space, U-boot, Linux kernel
  • How to structure your Yocto environment to scale
  • How to optimize your Yocto environment for usage with Mender
  • How to optimize and speed up Yocto builds
  • How to develop applications using the Yocto SDK
  • How to setup automated Yocto builds using Jenkins
  • How to use containers with Yocto (meta-virtualization)
  • How to setup package feeds using the Yocto Project
  • How to use TensforFlow using the Yocto Project
  • How to setup up a containerized Yocto Project build environment using CROPS or Docker
  • How to use of snapcraft with Yocto (meta-snappy)

These are up for grabs but please contact an administrator if you would like to pick one of this list.