X86 device

How can I add a x86 device to mender?

Hi @dtulyakov, are you asking how to add a board-integration? Or simply that you have a x86 board that you wish to integrate with Mender?

In both cases this should probably be moved to the general discussion area :slight_smile:

In both cases this should probably be moved to the general discussion area


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Great, next step is to decide what you want to integrate with? Are you thinking a debian distribution (i.e., raspbian), or are you looking at integrating with Yocto?

I want to add in mender server one node x86_amd64, but in menu I saw only choose from ARMs

I’m not quite sure I’m following here. What menu are we talking about?

I read this https://docs.mender.io/2.2/getting-started/on-premise-installation/create-a-test-environment
After installation I try to add a device
But there are no devices in the menu except ARM

I see.
Are you trying to add a demo-device, or a device of your own?

In demo mode, I can add only KVM

I see. So you are trying to integrate with a device of your own.

Does this device have Mender installed already? And if so, what is the current Mender configuration it is running?

Demo mode doesn’t suit me
I want to control x86_amd devices from one system. But it seems to me that the meder is not suitable.
And usually I have images 30 - 60 Gb

I’m sorry to hear that.

In general there should be fine to run this in a mender production setup, have a look at https://docs.mender.io/2.2/devices for integrating mender into your device.

What sort of updates are you thinking about doing? Application? System A/B?

If you use Mender-Professional https://hosted.mender.io/ui/#/login delta-updates will soon be available, which could make for some pretty solid size savings on huge images like yours.

Please feel free to come back later, if you decide to change your mind :slight_smile: