Why has the 3.5 LTS release been withdrawn and what follows?

After first questions about the state of 3.5 (e.g. here) and a missing official release announcement, recently the docs state Mender 3.5 has been withdrawn:

Please note, 3.5 was initially released as an LTS but has been withdrawn because of technical reasons.

These are concerning news for those of us preparing for a switch to (or fresh setup with) Mender 3.5.

  • Could you explain a bit of background?
  • Will 3.5.x be re-released at a later point in time or skipped altogether?
  • What’s the new planned release schedule then? (3.3 is supported until 2023-06, so why should we setup our new Mender stack on 3.3 now)

Thanks in advance for some answers.

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Hi @orzechow,

We are really sorry for any inconveniences caused by the 3.5 release. Please find the statement here: Rollback of 3.5 backend release


Thanks for the quick response and detailed statement!
Looking forward to 3.6 then :slight_smile: