Rollback of 3.5 backend release

Hello friends, users and contributors of Mender!

Some of you have already noticed that the 3.5 release has been pulled back for the backend. We apologize for any confusion or inconvenience this might have caused, and want to share the reasons and the road ahead.

Among other features, the 3.5 release was intended to include a major rework respectively addition for data aggregation and reporting. After rolling out to production, we started to notice massive resource consumption and found this to be caused by the new microservice.

To stabilize operation for the Hosted Mender instances, we rolled those back to a consistent state based on 3.4 and deprecated the corresponding Helm charts.

What does this mean for you?

  • If you are a user of the Hosted instances, basically nothing. Operations continue as usual.
  • If you are running a self-hosted (on-premise) version of Mender, recommended actions
  • depend on the version.
    • 3.3 is the current LTS version and is under maintenance. No action is needed.
    • 3.4 is the current stable release and is under maintenance. No action is needed.
    • 3.5 should not be used, and rolling back to 3.4 is recommended.

The road ahead will bring a 3.6 release in a few weeks. Once the timeline is finalized, it will be communicated here as a follow up. This upcoming release will, therefore, effectively replace 3.5 in the version history.

Again, we are very sorry for any problems this might have caused and are working hard to bring the next release in the fashion and quality we stand for.

Head of Developer Relations, Mender

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