Webinar - Yocto Master Class

Witekio and Mender join forces to help Product Managers and Engineers handle development, management, and updating multiple product variants or SKUs when using Yocto.

Register here to attend the webinar next Tuesday 8th of March at 6pm CET
Cannot join the webinar? Leave a comment down below with your questions and we’ll try our best to cover them during the webinar :smile:

:bulb: Who should attend?

  • Product Managers who are managing IoT-enabled products with multiple software or hardware SKUs
  • Technical Leads who are searching for mature OTA management technologies
  • Platform Engineers who are implementing board support for multiple SKUs which share a codebase, hardware platform, or both

What you will learn:

  • Challenges of managing multiple hardware and software targets within the same codebase (Witekio)
  • How to create a custom Yocto distribution targeted for multiple hardware and software targets (Witekio)
  • Why OTA and Challenges of managing embedded devices OTA with product variants (Mender )
  • How the integration of Mender into your project can help with the management of OTAs Requirements checklist for implementing a robust and secure OTA software update manager (Mender)
  • How to integrate Mender into your Yocto project (Mender)

We’re looking forward to meeting you :smile:

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