Updates to the "Integrator" badge


As you might be aware of there is a badge system on Mender Hub, and depending on user activity on the platform badges are assigned to users. These can also be viewed as achievements. Some badges are granted automatically and some are manually granted by moderators.

You can read more about badges here,

We (the moderators) have been lagging behind with the badges that are supposed to be done manually and today I spent some time on trying to improve this and I have focused on the “Integrators” badge.

The previous definition of the badge was,

  • Integrator
    • Earned by submitting your first board integration on Mender Hub.

Which was changed to the following:

  • Integrator
    • Earned by submitting a board integration on Mender Hub. You can earn this multiple times

The intention was always for the badge to be per board integration, so it is a bug fix :slight_smile:.

The board integrations are an important part of Mender Hub and granting badges is one way of showing appropriation to the people contributing. I have today made sure that this is up to date, meaning that badges have been assigned to the appropriate people for the work they have done and each badge granted is associated with a post in Mender Hub - Board Integrations.

You can get an good overview of who was granted these badges and for which posts here:

It is an impressive list when you look at it this way, and I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone that is involved in contributing board integrations and without you engaging it would not be possible to grow the number of integrated boards to current numbers.

I have also made sure that there is a process in place for the moderators to keep this up to date moving forward.

As always, if you have any feedback please share it here or write a message to @staff.