As you contribute and interact in this community, you will earn badges to show your achievements. Badges are visible on your user profile and are designed to show off the kudos you’ve earned for being a great community member!

Receiving Badges

There are two ways to receive a badge:

  1. Manually granted by an administrative user
  2. Automatically granted by the system

Most badges are assigned automatically by the system - you earn them by posting, replying, liking posts, inviting users and more. You even earn a badge by reading our guidelines!

Manually assigned badges are earned by contributing to the Mender project in ways outside of this forum. These silver and gold level badges are as follows:


  • Integrator
    • Earned by submitting your first board integration on Mender Hub.
  • Code Contributor
    • You have contributed code by having a pull request accepted to the Mender project.
  • Carer for the Community
    • Your suggestion to improve the Mender community was implemented!
  • Problem Solver
    • Your reply to a post asking for help was accepted as a correct answer.
  • Guinea Pig
    • You joined Mender Hub while it was in beta mode.
  • Pioneer
    • You’re one of the first ever 50 users on Mender Hub!


  • Evangelist
    • You gave a talk or hosted a meetup about the Mender project.
  • Partner
    • You are (or work on a project that is) an official partner of Mender.

If you have met the requirements for any of these, please get in touch and we’ll be very proud to award you the badge!

The full list of badges can be seen here: If we add more badges to the forum in future, we’ll announce them at the time in the Meta category.

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