Understanding decommissioning vs dismissing old units

We have quite a few devices out in the field that are not checking in because either the user has not connected them to WiFi or the device is not being used. We would like to remove these from our device list so that they are not counting against our limits but if the units were to be connected in the future, we want to be able to easily re-add them.

In the Mender UI there are options to both dismiss and decommission the devices, but I cannot find a good description of the differences between these in the documentation. Which of these is the better fit for our use-case?



Hello @kevlan,

“Decomissioning” will remove all traces from the device on the server. Next time the device reach the server it will generate a new “auth set” and then it will on a “pending” state. Pending devices don’t count against your quota.

“Dismissing” will not get rid of the device completely, so the UUID that was previously generated for this device will be kept server side. Next time the device reaches the server, it will present a new auth set and will switch to pending state. Dismissed devices will not count against your quota either. The status of dismissed devices will be noauth.

Neither will count against your device limit in Hosted Mender (SaaS offering), the question is if you want to keep track of these identities (dismiss) or not (decomission) server side.

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