Unable to Reinstall Mender on Raspberry Pi

am reaching out to seek
assistance regarding an issue I am encountering while attempting to
reinstall Mender on my Raspberry Pi device.

I had previously used my Raspberry Pi for a project where I integrated
it with Mender for over-the-air updates. However, I have since
decommissioned the device from the Mender platform as the project
concluded. Now, I am looking to repurpose the Raspberry Pi for a new
project and require reinstalling Mender to facilitate its management.

During the reinstall process, I encountered an error message stating:

“Installing mender-monitor (1.3.0)
curl: (22) The requested URL returned error: 401 Unauthorized
ERROR: Cannot get mender-monitor from

It appears that there is an authentication issue preventing me from
accessing the necessary resources to reinstall Mender successfully.

Request for Assistance:
I kindly request your support in resolving this issue. Given that I
have previously utilized Mender on this device, it is essential for me
to reinstall it efficiently for my new project requirements. I believe
the error may be related to the decommissioning process or
authentication credentials.

Could you please provide guidance on how to address this issue?
Additionally, if any adjustments or actions need to be taken on my
end, please advise accordingly.